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Going insane
Terrible pain going through my brain
Eating pills to get sane
Queuing for hope hanging on a rope
Under the influence of dope
I'm on patrol, looking for a soul
Laughing out of control
Alone sitting in this hole
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 16 17
Wake up
Eyes are filled with tears
My heart is filled with grief
I thought after all these years
I would find my belief
But tears are blurring my sight
And smoke is numbing my mind
Toxic air and toxic light
Is turning me blind
Wish I could dry my eyes
And empty my head
Maybe then I would see the sunrise
And wake up from the dead
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 20 20
Heading to nowhere
Where are you heading?
Would you mind if I follow?
You don't know where you're going
I'm not even sure where I am from
On my way down the road
Maybe I should take a break
But my feet are carrying on
My mind doesn't want to stop
I feel like I'm heading to nowhere
Somewhere people are staring at walls
Would you show me the right way?
So I can see through the wall
They build up their own city
Rules and laws, I don't want to obey
Everybody's wearing the same faces
And acting in the same way
Wandering around in my mind
I'm running away tonight
Inhaling air from outside
Losing the war inside
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 17 4
I feel drained
Someone stole my heart
My hope and my passion burnt
Left are memories and a wasteland
Emptiness is wandering through my dreams
Playing tricks on me
Searching for luck
Hunted by bad luck
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 8 6
Ich fühle mich ausgelaugt,
jemand hat mir mein Herz geklaut,
verbrannt ist meine Hoffnung und meine Leidenschaft,
übrig geblieben sind Erinnerungen und eine öde Landschaft,
die Leere wandert durch meine Träume,
sie spielt mir Streiche,
auf der suche nach Glück,
verfolgt vom Unglück.
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 4 8
One step
I'm scared of the way
lying in front of me
waiting for the day
when my doubts drown in the sea
I'm not sure who
will win this fight
If I could break through
Would I survive the night?
I lost the control
over my heart
and my soul
is slowly falling apart
Take a deep breath
Take one step
I'm not afraid of death
waiting on the doorstep
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 15 14
A new day
I let out a scream
Drag me out of my dream
Open my eyes
Face the sunrise
Doubts drowned in the night
Burnt in the starlight
My heart feels strong
While birds sing their song
The beginning of a new day
An unknown new way
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 12 3
Buy a new friend
You died, you were never alive to me
I smiled when I heard you’ve passed away
I couldn’t wait to buy a new friend
The old ones are getting boring within a day
One is not enough when you can have ten
I want to get new things again and again
I don’t care if our friendship is over
Because It never meant anything to me
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 9 6
I by TimelessDaydreamer I :icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 12 6
To the end
I have been there
at the end
I looked down into the abyss
let them drag me down
to the end
to the end
I was looking for a soul
to fill the emptiness
I was searching for a way
leading to happiness
I forgot what I wanted
and end up in this mess
I feel the urge to spit out
whatever is haunting me
I feel the urge to rip out
the suffering inside of me
I have been there
at the end
I looked down into the abyss
let them drag me down
to the end
to the end
I see you are a dead soul
sick of being alone
thought they were selling hope
now they call you their own
ripped out your heart and soul
and turned them into stone
You feel the urge to spit out
everything that is haunting you
you feel the urge to rip out
the suffering inside of you
You have been there
at the end
You looked down into the abyss
let them drag you down
to the end
to the end
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 13 0
Plan for life
We plan our lives so damn perfectly
But it never turns out that way
There are so many possibilities
And it just leaves me confused
I got so far and now I'm stuck
At the intersection of life
Hanging at the edge of time
Haunted by the emptiness at night
Fourteen years pass so fast
Would I know where to go
If I changed my past?
I guess I will never know
Growing up is a confusing highway
An operation getting out of control
They get you back on track
And then you lose yourself
You wander around without a head
You refuse to put on the mask
You can't accept your broken fate
As time passes you slowly fade
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 24 17
I'm not the loudest
I'm not the most beautiful girl
I'm not the proudest
Sometimes I'm the saddest person in the world
but I know how to wear a smile
tears belong to my style
I will walk the next mile
with a big bright smile
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 19 7
Be careful I’m crazy
It seems that I’m lazy
But believe me
I’m preparing for a killing spree
Your little world will burn
And you won’t return
Our places will change
I will put you back into the cage
You will be alone
Sitting on your throne
Crying for forgiveness
Once you were fearless
But then karma hit you
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 18 13
Avoid me, I’m just a piece of shit
Hate me, I don’t even like me a little bit
Hit me, spit on my dignity
Show me your antipathy
Ignore me, my last wish so bittersweet
Beat me, in the middle of the street
Kill me, end it all
This will be my last fall
Hate me, I’m not worth anything
Kill me, watch me bleed to death
Hate me, take away my breath
Kill me, the best thing you can do with me
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 16 20
Dirty Blood
I think my words are loosing quality
My sentences used to make more sense
Old poems used to make a change
And now I only feel rage
My veins are filled with deadly ink
Let my blood flow through the kitchen sink
Drown my doubts and drown my hope
I know I can't clean my blood with soap
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 11 16
Who are you?
Or who do you want to be?
I always thought this doesn't matter
I always thought I knew the answer
But society proved me wrong
Are you a cat?
Or are you not sure?
Will you get mad at me
If I say you're a bird flying over the sea
But I'm afraid to say something wrong
So tell me who are you?
I'm confused
Does this really matter to you
It doesn't matter to me
As long as you are a human being
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 16 7


Literary Fragment 21.06.2017
Try it once more
And see what happens
:icondemonianqueen:DemonianQueen 1 0
Big Trouble in Little China Kurt Russell by billyboyuk Big Trouble in Little China Kurt Russell :iconbillyboyuk:billyboyuk 4 0
Just Like My Father, a Failure
I’ve been told by my mother and by my brother
That I’m starting to become just like my father…
Were they right? Well I’m starting to wonder…
Because I really am a good-for-nothing failure…
Failing at my best school subject
And in others, also falling behind
The only thing of which I can’t object
Is the love of my life, smart, funny and kind…
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 4 0
Going Away (Everlasting Grin)
You’re going away for a while,
God knows when you’ll be back…
Feels like I’ve forgotten how to smile
As my happiness fades away to black...
Somebody cut me from ear to ear
To give me an everlasting grin…
Let the wound absorb a salty tear,
It’s nothing to the pain within…
I stare around at pieces of my dying heart,
Struggling to keep my wrist together…
Old habits die hard,
And it’s getting even harder…
It’s not your fault
That your computer broke
But I start to taste salt
And I’m craving a smoke…
You are the talisman to my curse,
Holding me back from the Blue…
You’re gone now, so it’s getting worse
And there’s nothing I can do…
You are the light to my darkness,
The antidote to my poison,
The cure to my sickness
Of dark Blue depression…
It’s okay though, my dear,
I’ll hold on, for your sake,
But now I’m beginning to
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 6 6
Mature content
Are You Okay? (Don't Bother) :iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 8 4
Somebody cut me a Chelsea smile,
I haven’t even smirked for a while…
Somebody cut me a very wide grin
To hide the pain lying deep within…
Pulling my mouth into a crescent,
Trying to act like I find this pleasant…
Pulling myself slowly back together,
Trying to act like I’ve gotten better…
I’m sick to death of all of my lies,
My smile is a grimace in disguise…
I’m sick, no other way I can put it,
I look for a mask, none seem to fit…
Somebody cut my face into a grin,
Stop me from showing pain within…
Somebody cut me from ear to ear,
Stop my feelings from being so clear…
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 9 0
I try to keep my wrist in one piece
But I just want the pain to cease...
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 6 5
June  - Day #13 by AngelGanev June - Day #13 :iconangelganev:AngelGanev 326 28 Emerald  - Day #14 by AngelGanev Emerald - Day #14 :iconangelganev:AngelGanev 387 49 Labradorite by VentuxVoid Labradorite :iconventuxvoid:VentuxVoid 2 10 Kemuri by 286yoha Kemuri :icon286yoha:286yoha 7 6 Venom by Quirky-Sebby Venom :iconquirky-sebby:Quirky-Sebby 8 3 Forest River by Pajunen Forest River :iconpajunen:Pajunen 798 107
Ripped Away
We were meant to
Take over the world
But every day
Kept us hostage...
We were just
Getting used to living in a world
That didn't want us alive
Ripped away
Ripped away
Every day we had to
Outrun them all
But every passing day
They took more of us...
Been staring at you more and more
Every day
We all saw more scars on you...
Ripped away
Ripped away
(Are you there?)
(Can you hear my voice?)
(Was there ever hope, after all?)
Are we
More than just dust?
Are we
Robbed right from the start?
Just tell me please...
(Are we more than just dust?)
Why would you leave me?
(Are we robbed right from the start?)
We could've made things better...
(Are we more than just this?)
How could you leave us?
(Are we found if we are lost?)
This is the end for all of us...
Ripped away
Ripped away
(Are we more
:iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 11 1
Glittering red,
Malice made grey,
Tell me why the fuck I want to die today?
:iconacornella:Acornella 3 1



TimelessDaydreamer's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi. I'm a 20 year old girl from Austria. In my free time I love to write poems and songs. I also play guitar and sing.
English isn't my first language, but I think it is a very beautiful language and that's why I write my poems in English. I'm sorry for the mistakes I make, but feel free to correct me. :)


I was tagged by Sandyrockdragon  :happybounce:

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13 things about me

1. I love to be annoying
2. Currently I'm working as a waitress 
3. I'm a dreamer
4. I talk to myself when I'm alone
5. I'm not good at talking about me
6. I'm moody af
7. I'm good at ruining friendships (I could give lessons)
8. I'm a pessimist
9. Beside writing poetry I love to make music
10. I used to play football 
11. Space fascinates me 
12. I often do things I regret but I'm too embarassed to admit my mistakes
13. I fuck things up

Sandyrockdragon's Questions

1. What's your MBTI personality type?
No idea. I don't even know what this is :D
2. What's your favourite part of the night sky?
3. A scent you really like?
Lavender and  coconut
4. What's something that reminds you of someone? You can into specifics or be vague as much as you want.
Music. Songs. Lyrics.
5. What's a colour you feel represents you?
Black. Because I'm a pessimist 
6. Do you remember your dreams? If yes, could you share one with me?
7. What's something you love about DA?
It's a place where I can escape.
8. How do you hope Earth will be in the future?
I hope that everything will be alright (that means no humas - we really fucked this planet up...without us everything would be better)
9. Small talk or deep conversations?
DEEEEEEP conversations...I suck at small talk. 
10. Do you keep a notepad by your bed?
I have got notepads everywhere...
11. If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be?
I don't know
12. Rain or sun? Why?
Sun. Because I don't have to carry my umbrella around
13. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
Middle Earth 

I'm not going to tag anyone...because I'm already pretty late with doing this :D
I'm sorry that I was inactive the last few weeks. I was studying my ass off, but it was worth it. I passed my finals last Tuesday (I'm partying since then) and I couldn't be more :happybounce: Soo happy that I don't have to go to school ever again (okay maybe one day I will go to college, but not now)
I really hope that from now on I will have more time for art.

Writing journals is like talking to yourself. I feel weird doing this :D
I stole this from Sandyrockdragon 
because I'm bored

1. are you single?

2. date girls or boys?
Why not both?

3. done any drugs?
Yes, I did. 

4. how old are you?
20 Years, 3 Months and 2 Days

5. adidas or nike?
Both, but right now I have some pretty comfortable nike's

6. why did you and your ex break up?

7. what’s the most traumatic thing that’s happened to you?
Don't want to talk about it

8. do you have any siblings? 
One brother

9. how tall are you? 
157 cm 

10. do you smoke?

11. ever been to a festival?
Yeah I have been to a lot of festivals. The last one was last week in my Town.

12. what’s your favorite food?

13. favorite pair of shoes?

14. would you ever be in a long distance relationship?
Yeah I would

15. would you ever have a threesome?
Don't know

16. have you had a threesome?

17. if someone paid you to delete your tumblr how much would you insist it be?

18. what was your last lie?
This will be the last slice of pizza.

19. best compliment you have ever received?
"Hey you are not annoying today."

20. what is your greatest strength or weakness? 
I can be fucking lazy. I don't know if I have any strengths.

21. what is your perfect pizza? 
Pizza with everything on it. Except mushrooms I hate mushrooms

22. what was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
I can't remember.

23. do you get along with your family?
I get along with everyone except my dad

24. ugly and live forever or attractive and die in a year?
I'm already damn sexy, so I don't know. hahah I'm kidding I have no fucking idea.

25. what cheers you up?

26. weed or alcohol?
Why not both

27. what turns you on?

28. how many relationships have you been in?
2 but they were pretty short ones. 

29. how many people have you slept with?

30. how many followers do you have? 
87. I never thought I would even get 10. :D

31. who is your favorite rapper?
Me under the shower 

32. who’s your favorite artist? like on dA?
I hate having favorite things. I can't decide. 

33. if you had to fuck a celebrity who would you fuck?
hahaha that's my secret. 

34. if someone paid you 1million would you fuck Lindsey Lohan’s dad? 
That's a lot of money but it is also disgusting. 

35. Kendall Jenner or Kylie Jenner? 
Do I have to chose which one of them to lock up?

36. what’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?

37. what’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you? 

38. Do you have a job?
I am still in school. 

39. on a scale of 1 to 10 how much does tumblr rule your life?
What is this tumblr?   -999.999.999

40. if you could sell your soul what would you want in return? 
I don't have a soul :D

41. ever sent nudes?

42. would you ever shave your head? 

43. would you rather sniff coke or MDMA? 

44. Instagram or Facebook?

45. last person that text you?

46. what’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?
I'm pretty good at doing wrong things.

47. ever cheated on a partner?

48. ever self harmed?

49. if you had to choose one way to die what would it be?
While sleeping 

50. do you have a crush?
Oh god, YES! :D

Tagging:    ThePinkRabbits 
and everyone who is bored and wants to waste a few minutes. 
Terrible pain going through my brain
Eating pills to get sane
Queuing for hope hanging on a rope
Under the influence of dope
I'm on patrol, looking for a soul
Laughing out of control
Alone sitting in this hole
Going insane
Just me experimenting around with words. It doesn't even make sense :D
Eyes are filled with tears
My heart is filled with grief
I thought after all these years
I would find my belief

But tears are blurring my sight
And smoke is numbing my mind
Toxic air and toxic light
Is turning me blind

Wish I could dry my eyes
And empty my head
Maybe then I would see the sunrise
And wake up from the dead


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